Additional Services That We Provide

Hotel Brussels Today is the travel search engine to use if you are looking for a high-quality hotel room that has all the amenities that you want for your room. We have partnered with numerous hotel companies to make sure that you have the best deal according to the date that you set your schedule. We love helping our customers. We extend our help as much as we can. This is why we are providing additional services that our clients can use to provide assistance for them and make things easier and more convenient.

carCar for Hire

Sometimes, guests want to have a car to hire so that they can travel the streets of Brussels easily. The goal of our website is for you to not leave the site in search of other services. If we can do it with the number of hotels that we are working with, we can have a knack at it for your car services. With our advanced filters, you can limit the number of hotels coming up on your search results by ticking the car for hire option. By checking the box next to the car for hire, you can choose the hotel that provides a car for hire services.

Flight Deals

Hotels are only as good as the flight tickets that you buy. If you are coming from nearby places, hotel bookings are fine. But if you will be coming from other far countries, it is best to book the same deal with hotels and flights. What good is a nice hotel deal if you cannot go to Brussels because of a failed ticket deal? We constantly work with airlines to provide our guests with promo codes and other special discounts if you use our website to book their flight and company-affiliated hotels.


Recommended Rooms

Every time you search for a hotel room, you can find a recommended room section at the top of every page. We have a preferred room indication here because these hotels provide us with better deals. They are the ones with discounts compared to other companies. They have the same, if not better, amenities as other hotels. It is recommended that you check it out first before searching for other options.

3 thoughts on “Additional Services That We Provide”

  1. Josh says:

    I have seen this car for hire option and was very ecstatic with it! It is very hard to travel and commute especially if you are in Brussels for a business trip. I need a car to roam around Brussels to finish all my transactions here. By having this feature on this site, it will be easier for me to navigate the city.

  2. Gemma says:

    How do you do it? You have such an enormous database to work with? Anyway, Brussels Hotels Today is the most robust travel search engine to date. I found the site helpful in answering all the questions I need when traveling. Car for hire, check. Flight deals, check. Hotel quality, check.

  3. Emilia says:

    You are right there. The hotel is only as good as the flight deal that you have. As for myself, I book a flight first before making reservations for a hotel room. Thanks to your site, I can do both on one page. It saves me time and effort to book both a flight and a hotel room.

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